2021 Interior Design Trends

white kitchen cabinets with bold print backsplash and yellow appliances

At the beginning of the year, many people take the time to make goals and resolutions. They look for areas of improvement in their life. With so much time spent indoors over the last year or so, you’re probably also looking for ways to improve your home, like new interior design trends to make your home stand out from the rest.

Check out the latest in interior design trends and take advantage of these tips to stay ahead of the design curve.

Add a splash of rustic ceramics

Design experts agree that 2021 will be the year to finally ditch the clean and ultra-smooth ceramic look that has been dominating the scene for many years, and introduce more rustic elements into spaces such as kitchens. Neutral subway tiles have long been a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, but they are beginning to be replaced by materials that are handcrafted and add a pop of color to a drab, boring space. Naturally occurring variations from hand-thrown ceramics are now being celebrated instead of avoided, and there are ways to add individual accent pieces to achieve this look in lieu of spending a lot of money on an entire backsplash.

Consider an earthy green tone for kitchen cabinets

Want to give a dramatic update to the look of your kitchen without busting your entire home improvement budget? Consider painting your cabinets a completely new color to change up the aesthetic. For 2021, a lovely earthy green tone seems to be the biggest trend, as it is more versatile than you might expect and pairs remarkably well with a variety of warm and cool color palettes in other areas of the room. Additionally, green cabinets can help bring out some elements of certain stone countertops, helping you overhaul the look of your kitchen even more substantially with minimal effort and expense.

Update your furniture to include more wicker and rattan pieces

Changing your furniture is one of the quickest ways to update your design scheme, and the comeback of woven furniture styles in 2021 will help many people who have been trending towards mid-century modern for the last decade introduce a completely new look into their space. Wicker and rattan furniture is part of a broader trend towards incorporating more natural materials into the home, and they help make any space warmer, cozier, and lighter depending on how they are used.

These are just a few of the best ideas for making your home feel more welcoming and comfortable for the new year and beyond. Stay up to date with all the trends in real estate and design with Parker Group – your resource for all things home in Greenville, SC. If you’re making the move to the upstate, contact us to schedule a consultation and to learn more about our developments that would be happy to welcome you home.

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