2022 Greenville, South Carolina Home Buyer Tips

Written by Heather Stemann

With a new year comes new goals, new aspirations, and new dreams. If your dream of moving to Greenville is coming true in 2022, we are here for you. Starting a new chapter in a new city brings lots of excitement, but also requires research and planning. If you are a first-time home buyer in Greenville and don’t know where to start, here are some steps to take in advance to begin the journey of finding and purchasing your home. 

Find a Quality Real Estate Agent

It is crucial to find a quality real estate agent who has experience working with buyer clients. You may want to start by asking friends and family if they have any recommendations based on past experiences with agents. 

An impressive agent will gladly meet with you, listen attentively, and help you clarify your goals. They will explain the first-time home-buying process in depth, and review the current market with you so that you are equipped and informed.

Realtors understand that a home purchase is a big financial and emotional decision. Therefore, they are happy to meet with you well in advance in order to build a strong working relationship with you and set up clear expectations for a successful journey.  

Select a Quality Lender

As a first-time homebuyer, you will need to choose a reliable lender who can explain the loan application and mortgage approval process from start to finish. Your agent likely has a list of lenders that they highly recommend based on the skill and care they have given to clients for previous transactions. Ask them for a lender they trust.

The right lender will give you tips to prepare and qualify you for the best mortgage loan product and rate when you are ready. They will inform you of the proper amount of money you will need up front so you can plan accordingly. Selecting a quality lender means you receive transparency and clear expectations.

Consider Your Current Living Situation

There are several questions to contemplate before making any commitments. To start, do you have a lease or a home to sell? 

Will you need to strategically time your property search so you can close when your lease is up? Can you budget to pay extra fees to break the lease if the right house comes on the market? Do you have to sell your home to purchase, or can you market it after you purchase? 

Your agent and lender will devise realistic timelines for how long it may take to locate, sign a contract, and close on a new home. This will help you plan for ending your lease or when to put your current house on the market.

Determine Your Home Features

Every first-time homebuyer dreams of their perfect place. Before visiting homes, start by outlining your “must have” and “would be nice to have” features for your first home. Thinking through the details in advance of meeting your agent will help them immensely and save you both time and money. When you start looking, you will more easily be able to cross homes off your list and move on to the next.

Your experience as a first-time homebuyer is an exciting one. Working with experienced agents and lenders along with their teams will reduce your stress and keep the process moving efficiently. 

At the Parker Group, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We’ll work with you hand-in-hand to ensure that your first-time home buying experience runs as smoothly as possible. Contact us to get started finding new homes in Greenville that fulfill your dreams. 

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