What to Expect From Your Final Home Walkthrough

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So, you’ve had your offer accepted, completed your inspections, the Seller has finished their repairs, and now you can’t wait to close so you can get moved in. But before you close on your new home, you should always take the time to complete a final walkthrough. During this final tour of the home, you’ll get to see it exactly as it will be presented to you upon closing; there will be no furniture staged or other distractions.

Why Walkthroughs Matter


Walkthroughs are extremely important for making sure that the home is in acceptable condition before you go through the closing process. For example, you may find during a walkthrough that an appliance that was fully operational during your last tour of the home is no longer working. Essentially, the purpose of a walkthrough is to make sure the home is still in the condition that is promised in your contract, thus saving you from potential costs and repairs down the road.


Preparing for a Walkthrough


Generally, you should try to schedule a final walkthrough as close to your closing date as possible. You should also make sure to do the walkthrough while there is still plenty of daylight left in the day. This way, you still have plenty of light to check out not only the inside of the house, but the outside as well.

In preparation for your walkthrough, bring a copy of your contract with you to make sure that everything is as expected. For instance, as you walk through, you can make sure that all appliances the sellers agreed to leave behind are there and that all personal items and trash have been removed from the home.


What to Watch Out For


On the day of your walkthrough, it will also be in your best interest to have your real estate agent and possibly your home inspector there with you. There are a few specific things to be on the lookout for while walking through the house for the last time before closing. First of all, make sure everything that was supposed to be left behind was left behind; this may include anything from garage door openers to remotes for ceiling fans. Also be on the lookout for any obvious damage or problems that may have been covered by furniture in the past, such as holes in walls or even staining from potential water damage.

Finally, look for anything that may have been left behind that you don’t want and that wasn’t outlined in the contract. Old fire extinguishers, for example, aren’t worth keeping around if they can’t be used in the event of an emergency.

Conducting a final walkthrough is an important part of the home-buying process and shouldn’t be skipped or overlooked. If you’re interested in finding a new home in Downtown Greenville, SC contact Parker Group. With decades of local experience on our team, we’re here to help you through the process of buying (or selling) your next home.

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