5 Turn Offs for Greenville, South Carolina Home Buyers

When a new house hits the market, presentation is crucial. Prospective buyers of Greenville real estate are on the hunt for a house they can easily envision as a home. Sellers will want to avoid any negative portrayal of their property by maintaining the space, cleaning rooms and floors, and organizing clutter. Put in the work to get your house move-in ready.

Before you stake an “Open House” sign in your front yard, keep in mind these five major turn offs that could potentially cost you the sale. 

Poorly Maintained Landscaping & Exterior  

Oftentimes, the exterior of a home is the first aspect that suffers. Varying weather conditions of the Greenville, South Carolina area throughout the year surely take their toll on home maintenance. Paint chipping at doorways, loose railings, broken exterior lights and more can leave prospective buyers feeling discouraged and skeptical of any other issues they may not know of. 

Invest in home improvements to make your best first impression with buyers in Greenville, SC. The exterior of any home is the first thing they see. This acts as a preview to the rest of the home. Excite prospective buyers from the moment they pull up to the driveway by maintaining your lawn, garden, mailbox, front entry way, and more. 

First impressions will create lasting memories and taint the entire experience even if the inside of the house is perfect. Every part of a house should be staged as a dream space for the buyer. For the best results, don’t neglect the exterior and make it as warm and inviting as the inside of your home.

Off-putting Odors 

When buyers are touring homes in and around Downtown Greenville, one of the first things they notice are displeasing odors, no matter how visually appealing the house looks. They will immediately question where it’s coming from and how it can be removed. 

Some common examples are tobacco odors that often permeate fibers in carpets, furnishings, walls, and ductwork. Pet smells, urine, and strong cat litter can also disturb buyers. 

Many sellers will try to cover up these strange smells with candles, air fresheners, or cleaners. However, this could make the odor even worse, especially those with sensitivities. Rather than trying to disguise it, work to exterminate it completely. 

Professional cleaning companies are there to help. They will take extra care of your carpets, drapes, and sofas prior to showing your home. 

Dated Carpet in Main Living Areas 

2022 trends continue to show carpet in some bedrooms. However, it is a good idea to do away with them throughout the rest of your home. Carpets add years to your home, making rooms seem older than they are. Attract buyers by making your space sparkle with solid flooring for main living areas. 

Specifically, in the current Greenville, SC market, buyers look for hardwood or luxurious vinyl plank floors. These are especially easy to maintain and carry a greater aesthetic appeal than other materials.

If you have carpet in your main living areas and can replace it, ask your Greenville agent what would be appealing to buyers. Then, select a company to professionally install new and improved flooring. Buyers will appreciate the clean and stain-free update.

Lack of Natural Light 

Before showings, open the window blinds and drapes to brighten your home. Prospective buyers will be more drawn towards spaces with plenty of light. The more natural light shining into the home, the more livable and comfortable it will feel to them. Not only does it feel better, but natural light is also a selling point since it indicates a lower electric bill. 

Before buyers come to tour, remove heavy curtains or open blinds. Take some time to also remove and store window screens and clean the glass to invite more light in.

Some homes won’t get a lot of natural light. However, there are steps you can take to recreate the warmth of a brightened space. First, try painting the walls a light neutral color to make the space seem bigger, more open and spacious. Then, check all light bulbs to ensure they are functioning properly and keep them turned on the highest setting. 

Clutter and Crowded Spaces

The purpose of showcasing a home is to reveal its bare bones. Greenville, SC home buyers should be able to envision their furniture and decor in an open, crisp, and clean space. It’s simple— they want to see your house, not your stuff.

Purge unwanted items and box up others for safe-keeping to create a lighter and less overwhelming appearance. Keep your closets organized by hanging clothing precisely on matching hangers and place any commonly used items in coordinating storage bins.

Overall, it is important to maintain a sanitary appearance, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Make these areas shine by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and doing away with seldom-used or unused items. Set yourself up for success and think like a buyer when selling your home. A professional real estate agent can give an honest evaluation of what is needed to market your home effectively and avoid buyer turn-offs. Achieve your Greenville real estate goals and contact Parker Group for full-service real estate and development consulting.

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