Changes to Real Estate in 2020

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The times of driving around local hot spots with your real estate agent are shifting to a new modern approach. Real estate in 2020 has shifted to new practices when working on transactions. The internet has brought tools to your fingertips that buyers have never had access to before. You will have the best of both worlds on your real estate journey by using these methods combined with the classic ways real estate agents have been helping their clients for years. 


The Old Ways of Real Estate

Before the internet, sellers listed their homes with several agents in hopes that their home would be seen. Buyers would pick an agent, and that agent would show them properties that may or may not be what they were looking for — but they were what the agent knew was available and for sale. Properties were also listed in newspapers, with the agent delivering a write-up and photo to the paper in order to have the listing published. People who didn’t read the paper might not know about those houses, and purchasing a house in another area of the state or country became very difficult. But agents were dedicated to their clients, and they worked hard to make sure their clients got the best possible deals and value that they could. Their commitment to their clients has not changed, but the strategies they use to help them have.


The New Ways of Real Estate

While the internet has been a preferred way of conducting real estate transactions for a while, the recent pandemic has changed the game again slightly. A seller can list with one agent and know that anyone in the world who uses a computer can find that listing. Buyers can go on virtual tours from the comfort of their home, and narrow down their choices until they find what works for them. Then they can reach out to an agent to see the property in person, or they might choose to buy it without ever setting foot inside. 

With the ability to coordinate pretty much anything online, buyers can close on a property in another state or sell a property they’ve already moved away from. This is especially true about people deciding to relocate to popular areas such as Greenville. Easy, convenient, and fast — that’s the name of the game for modern real estate


Work With Trusted, Talented Professionals

By choosing to work with one of the talented agents at Parker Group, you have the opportunity to have a smooth and stress-free real estate experience. Our agents are Greenville experts and have a close pulse on what is happening in our city. They are also focused on helping you reach your goals, so you can buy the right home, sell a home or other property, or invest in your future through real estate options in your area. Reach out to us today, and let us work with you to realize your dreams in the real estate world.

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