Custom House Condos: A Case Study

Custom House Condos - Parker Group

Our team at Parker Group was approached by a bank with a request to rebrand, market, and sell four remaining condos within the Custom House Condo project in downtown Greenville. Knowing substantial changes would need to be made in order to successfully market and sell the condos, we confidently took over the the project and took the steps necessary to get all four remaining condos sold within just five months.

The Problem

The main challenge faced with this project was that the remaining four homes within the Custom House Condo project were completely bare inside down to the studs, with no finishes or furnishings. This made it difficult for prospective buyers to see the full potential of each property and prevented them from being able to visualize themselves living in the space.

The marketing of the condos was also lacking, with prospective buyers having little to go on besides some exterior photos of the building and a short descriptive paragraph of the property. Recognizing these challenges, our team immediately got to work developing a marketing and rebranding plan that would create a virtual experience and help potential buyers better visualize the end product.

The Approach

The first step we took was that of rebranding the entire project, seeing as the previous brand had developed a stigma due to rumors of financial trouble. To remedy this, we worked with the exclusive builder on the project, Ridgeline Construction, and their design team to “reintroduce” the condos to the community under a new positive light and with a brand new website and logo.

Next, we focused on improving the marketing of the properties up for sale. Since these properties were nothing more than unfinished “shells,” it was important to develop a strategy that would allow buyers to see the full potential of each space. To achieve this, virtual tours were added to the newly launched website, and innovative drone footage was used to showcase the property and surrounding area in a new light. Additionally, the Ridgeline Construction design team was able to create for us the proposed floor plans for the properties, leading to a seamless customer experience when visualizing the space.

Lastly, since today’s buyers prefer tangibility, we also set up a showroom with finish samples that prospective purchasers could touch and feel.

The Outcome

As a result of the rebranding and marketing efforts, all four remaining units were sold within just five months of our team taking over the Custom House Condo project. By using our knowledge and expertise of the Greenville real estate market, we were able to successfully turn a dire situation into a successful one.  

This particular case study is an excellent example of the type of work our team of professionals at Parker Group does every day. From residential and commercial real estate to development consulting, property management, and everything in between, we specialize in all the ins and outs of the Greenville real estate market. If you’re looking for assistance with developing a marketing/selling strategy for one of your Greenville properties, contact us today.

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