Development Consulting Facts & Benefits

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Whether you’re an individual investor or property owner, development consulting is always a wise choice if you’re interested in commercial or residential real estate development. Through skilled and thorough development consulting services, you can make better-informed decisions regarding your real estate development plans and enjoy greater peace of mind. At Parker Group, we specialize in all aspects of development consulting from start to finish, always keeping your best interests at the forefront.

What You Need to Know About Development Consulting

Development consulting refers to a real estate service where our experts conduct site investigations, due diligence reviews, expansive research, and more into the project you are considering. From the first stages of land acquisition to pre-construction, construction, and project completion, our development consulting team makes recommendations that are in your best interest and that help you achieve your portfolio goals.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing development consulting services for your next real estate development project. For example, many of our clients find that their return on investment is much higher than with past developments, that their portfolios are stronger, and that their bottom lines are improved. Not to mention, development consulting takes a great deal of the guess work out of your project, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need to proceed.

Generally, we recommend development consulting services for any investor—regardless of experience—looking to take on a new residential or commercial development.

Parker Group’s Current Developments

Some of the specific development consulting services we can provide throughout the process include:

  • Meeting with City/County planning and other government agencies to discuss logistics
  • Preparation of a preliminary budget and project schedule
  • Bidding and negotiating site work and construction
  • Preparing and turning in necessary permits
  • Overseeing progress with regular site visits
  • Completing close-out documentation and finalizing details

And while we have extensive experience with a variety of development projects, we specifically enjoy urban infill projects, which allow us to aid in the transformation of an unused urban space and give it new life and function within a community.

We’ve already assisted with a variety of successful developments in Greenville, including our custom luxury townhomes of M West, our urban single-family houses on Burdette Street, and our West Park and Townes high-end townhomes. All our developments are located in downtown Greenville. To find out more about our development consulting services in the Greenville area, contact Parker Group today.

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