Exterior Elements that Add Value to Your Home

Exterior Elements that Add Value to Your Home | Parker Group

During the summer months, your home’s outdoor spaces may be used just as much as the ones inside. A beautiful and functional backyard is more important than simply a place to entertain; it can add a great deal of value and appeal to your home. The elements listed below are those that are most likely to not only increase your home’s value and generate the most excitement in it when you put it on the market.

1. Patio

A patio or deck is one of the most popular elements that add value to a home. Whether it’s an elaborate and multi-level deck or a simple stone patio, this area makes it easy to gather outside with family and friends. You can customize any patio by stamping concrete pavers to give them the look and feel of more expensive materials like cobblestone, slate or brick. Staining also provides another layer of appeal while setting your home apart from others on the market.

2. Landscaping

According to several polls from well-respected sources including Smart Money and Gallup, homeowners could get back even more than they spend on landscaping when selling their homes. When considering how to landscape your property, think about plants, bushes and trees that are local to the area, easy to care for, and hardy.

3. Pool

A pool or hot tub is another popular addition to any outdoor space. With the warm South Carolina climate, this is an element that can be used for many months. If you’re thinking about adding a pool and/or hot tub, it pays to also put some thought into the area surrounding it. The right materials and finishes can add to the relaxation factor that these elements add to your home.

4. Pergola

Add an element of class and charm with the addition of a pergola to your backyard. From a simple pergola that highlights a particular feature to one that creates an outdoor room, pergolas are versatile, customizable, and appeal to a wide audience.

Increasing your living space to include an outdoor area is great way to add value to your home that you can enjoy now and when you are looking to sell it in the future. Interested in buying or selling a home in the Greenville, South Carolina area? Parker Group offers more than 40 years of combined service in development, buying, selling, and more in the region. Contact us and see the difference an area expert makes when it comes to reaching your real estate goals.

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