Four Ways to Add Value to Your Townhome

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If you are ready to put your townhome on the market, you’ll want to maximize the return on your investment by adding value wherever you can. As most savvy property owners know, certain upgrades and renovations can dramatically increase value, especially when you have less land and square footage to work with compared to a single-family home. Here are the upgrades that will most likely make your dollar go farthest. 


Kitchen Upgrade/Remodel


The kitchen is almost always a significant focal point for buyers. If you’re trying to sell or add value to your townhome, you will likely want to start here.  Fortunately, a complete remodel isn’t always necessary (or within your budget), and sometimes a simple facelift will work wonders. To make a kitchen look inviting and up-to-date, you might consider installing new fixtures, replacing an outdated faucet and sink, replacing or painting old cabinets, and updating the appliances.


Bathroom Renovations


Like the kitchen, bathrooms (and particularly master bathrooms) can have a major impact on the perceived value of your home. An upgraded, modern bathroom can increase value, while an out-of-date bathroom that needs significant work can turn off potential buyers or lower the value tremendously.


When renovating and updating a bathroom, be sure to keep it simple-yet-stylish. Don’t go all out and install a clawfoot bathtub with brass and gold fixtures…it might be too dramatic for some potential buyers’ tastes. Instead, make sure the updates you make give your bathrooms a simple and clean feel and gives the potential buyer a chance to make it their own upon move-in.


Hardwood Flooring


Today’s homebuyer will typically prefer hardwood flooring over carpeted floors. This is (in general) a lower-cost investment that can yield significant returns when selling. According to, installing hardwood floors in your home could add up to 2.5% to the final sale price, with an average return-on-investment (ROI) of 70-80%.


Smart Technology


Some (relatively) inexpensive upgrades that can significantly improve the value of your townhome are smart home appliances like smart home locks, security cameras, thermostats, lighting, and others. When compared to homes on the market that do not have smart technology installed, potential buyers could select your home based on these ultra-modern upgrades that add convenience, security, and a little bit of that “wow” factor when making buying decisions.


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