Homeowners: Get Your Home Ready for Fall

By the end of the summer, we all crave the changing colors of the leaves and the slight temperature drop. People from around the country travel to see the beautiful Fall foliage and experience what is in Greenville’s backyard. But with these changes comes work for property managers. From raking piles of leaves in front yards to inspecting roofs and preparing for cold rain, it’s important they have a plan to address fall home maintenance before the season begins.

Check out these fall home maintenance tips that property owners need to know to start preparing for fall.

Maintain the yard

With the weather cooling down in the fall months, it’s a great time to catch up on lawn and garden maintenance. Take advantage of the weather and trim back the hedges and low-hanging branches, fertilize the grass and do away with any weeds. Of course, don’t forget to clear the piles of leaves you’ll rake up throughout the season!

Store outdoor equipment safely

Hurricane season can last from June through November in South Carolina. Prepare for high winds and damaging storms by storing outdoor furniture, equipment, and anything that could act as a projectile. Safe storage space could be anything from an outdoor shed to a storage unit facility. 

Clean your gutters

When the vibrant leaves fall, not all of them make it to the ground. That’s why it’s crucial to check your gutters for leaves that may have built up, especially on the roof. The leaves that accumulate may prevent drains from properly taking care of the rain fall which could lead to water damage or backup. Take some time to routinely check your gutters and clear any leaves from them.

Inspect the roof

South Carolina gets an average of 48.7 inches of rain per year Therefore, it is crucial that you inspect the roof for any damages periodically throughout the year. Look for anything that may need repair and address it for the coming season to keep the exterior and interior of your building safe.

Prepare for mice and other critters

It’s not just humans who enjoy staying cozy at home during the winter months. Creepy-crawly critters of all kinds may find refuge in your building, too— within your walls or under your floors. They may find their way there through small holes in walls or through the basement. 

Keep them out with traps and inspect ways to keep those small holes shut. You can also hire an extermination service to prevent bugs from making an appearance.

Plan for sleet and freezing rain

Ice-cold rain can make for some dangerous conditions when leaving the house for work in the morning or coming home late at night. Sleet can instantly turn any surface slippery. Stock up on rock salt (sodium chloride) to coat pathways and keep your tenants and any visitors safe from falls. Before a storm hits, cover vulnerable plants with tarps and take any awnings down to preserve their condition.

Property management is no easy task, especially when the seasons change. Here at Parker Group, our property management services are comprehensive and dedicated to getting the job done efficiently. Contact us to find out more about our services. We’re here to help you prepare!

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