How to Update Your Kitchen To Sell

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A great kitchen is a big draw for many prospective home buyers. Find out how some small improvements in your kitchen can make a big impact when you’re ready to sell your home.

Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint or some TLC

You might not think your cabinets take much abuse, but over time grime and dirt can build up and paint can fade and wear away. Cabinets are a huge focal point of the kitchen, and old, dirty, or outdated cabinets can give the whole space a tired look.

Thankfully, a fresh coat of paint will do wonders to make your cabinets look like new again. Painting your cabinets is inexpensive, you can do it yourself in an afternoon, and it can really open up your space. If your cabinets are wood and you don’t want to paint over them, spend some time deep cleaning them and then apply a specially-formulated wood oil to restore luster.

Install new hardware

Another way to significantly transform the look of your kitchen without busting your budget is to change out the hardware on your cabinets. There are numerous different options out there, but it’s best to go with something simple since you aren’t privy to the style whims of your potential buyers.

Clean off your countertops

Most people accumulate appliances over time that get left out on the countertops and create a cluttered appearance. Clear all of your appliances out of the way, and you’ll be surprised how spacious your countertops seem.

Change up the backsplash

The backsplash is one area in a kitchen where you can spend a lot of money if you want to, but you don’t have to in order to get something that looks great. If your backsplash is in need of a facelift, try adding some stick-on tiles that look expensive but won’t hurt your wallet.

Whether or not your kitchen is already primed for an open house, contact Parker Group if you’re thinking about selling your home. Our agents have a wealth of experience selling homes in the Greenville area, and they are ready to lend their expertise to you so you can get your home sold quickly, and for a fair price.

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