M West: A Case Study

M West on South Main | Parker Group

Parker Group was recently challenged with selling all 18 units in M West, an upscale collection of townhomes currently being built in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. By taking the right approach and focusing on the location’s competitive advantages in addition to utilizing our own marketing expertise and connections, we’ve been able to sell almost every unit to date.

Part of our challenge on the front end was site selection and assembling the parcels of land that ultimately became M West. The task of site selection involves more than simply finding a great location. We have to look at current zoning, water/sewer capacity, environmental concerns, to name just a few. This process can take up to 6 months and sometimes longer. We work with a great team of civil engineers, architects, builders, environmental consultants and more, during this period to vet out the project and make sure it is realistic. We had the added benefit at M West that the developer was also the lead architect, Trevor Ream with Batson Associates.

Our Approach

We knew that we needed to take an aggressive, direct approach in order to successfully brand, market, and sell these townhomes to prospective buyers in the Greenville area.

Specifically, we began by assessing the property and focusing on the many competitive advantages that these townhomes have to offer. For example, one of the main draws of these townhomes is the extremely desirable location; the property is situated directly on Main Street. With its close proximity to the many local amenities and attractions that downtown Greenville has to offer, we knew this would be a large draw for many buyers.

In addition to the excellent location, we also wanted to focus on marketing the inviting private rooftop terraces included with each unit in this development—a feature you simply cannot find in many of the other properties in the area. Another relatively uncommon amenity we knew buyers would love was the garage space offered at M West, a rare and highly valuable find in a downtown property.

As part of our approach, we also utilized our own connections and experience to market and sell these townhomes successfully. Our sales team here at Parker Group was paramount in taking their knowledge of downtown Greenville and putting it to use to position M West in the best possible light for both buyers and agents.

Our team worked closely with the developer to create a custom website and logo for this property, which greatly enhanced the overall identity of the community and generated positive buzz around it online. As is typical with many developments, when we started marketing M West there was nothing built that we could show prospective buyers. We relied on the website and virtual marketing collateral to create an “experience” that was strong enough to let a prospective buyer visualize the finished product. This is a crucial and often overlooked component of selling real estate. Seeing is believing.  

Finally, we set up a showroom that allowed buyers to take a look at the physical products (such as materials and finishes) that would ultimately make up their new home. This helped prospective buyers get excited about the property and better envision themselves living in the space.

The Outcome

As a result of our hard work and expertise, we have been able to sell 16 of the M West units in a short period of time. Currently, there are only two units remaining in the last phase of the project with expected completion in Spring 2017.

This case study provides some great insight into how our team here at Parker Group puts our expertise to work for our clients every day, for any project. Whether you’re in need of property management, residential/commercial real estate, development consulting, or any service in between, we’re here to help. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned real estate and development consulting firm that’s small enough to deliver the custom-tailored services you need, but robust enough to exceed your expectations.

For more information on our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you further about your real estate and development needs.

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