Preparing for an Open House – Buyer or Seller

red open house sign pointing to brick and stone home

Each open house impacts two groups of people, the seller and potential buyers. No matter which of these categories you fall into, you will want to prepare for the open house with these tips.

Open House Tips for Buyers

As a buyer looking for the perfect home, an open house is your opportunity to wander through the home and take note of its amenities. Look at the condition of the neighboring homes and note how close they are to the home you’re looking at. Before you go inside, take a slow walk around the outside of the home for signs that the home needs maintenance, such as chipping paint or roofing shingles that look old.

Once inside, pay attention to what your nose is telling you as well as your eyes. Look for water stains and notice if there is a moldy or musty smell. Both of these could indicate a more extensive problem with drainage or flooding. Determine if the home has access to natural light and air flow. Not only do these make a home a more pleasant place to live, they can help reduce your utility bills as well.

Finally, have a list of questions prepared to ask the listing agent. Some important questions include what are the average monthly utility costs? How old is the HVAC and roof? Have there ever been any major renovations done? What is the seller’s timeline? Don’t be afraid to ask any question that might come to your mind about the house and neighborhood.


Open House Tips for Sellers

As a seller, your job is to accentuate your home’s special characteristics. You need to make it appealing enough so that potential buyers who attend the open house can envision living there and being happy. One of the best things you can do to make that happen is to move some of your furniture into storage. Doing this makes the room look larger and more inviting to those attending the open house. While you’re moving furniture out of the home, it is also a good time to remove items that won’t come with the house when it is sold.

Next, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the house. Enlist the help and guidance of someone who isn’t personally attached to the home — and its contents — to help you declutter. Make arrangements for your pets the day of the open house to save everyone stress. Just before the open house is scheduled to start, stand in the doorway of each room and give it an objective once-over to be sure that you haven’t overlooked anything. It might even help make your home a little more inviting by having fresh baked cookies out to welcome potential buyers to your home.

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