Renovating On A Budget

Renovating On A Budget | Parker Group Services

When searching for a new home, one of the best ways to save some money is to consider a house that is undervalued because it needs some cosmetic updates. Thankfully, you can usually upgrade your home while staying on budget with a few simple tips.

Pay for professional help only when you really need it

There are some jobs that you absolutely shouldn’t take on yourself unless you have professional expertise. For example, you don’t want to the liability of electrical or plumbing work gone wrong.

Save your budget for professional work for these types of jobs, and learn how to do other projects yourself. You can ask around for some expert advice at your local hardware store for those easier projects, or you can search YouTube for some detailed step-by-step repairs.

Spend on things that will have maximum impact

Is your open kitchen the focal point of your home? Then investing in some cabinet hardware or paint will have a big impact on the way people see the space. You may have an itch to completely redo the garden shed, but you might be better off waiting until you have saved up more and focus on value-adding projects that you will be able to see and appreciate often.

Implement some money-saving renovations

Spending a little in some areas early on can save you more in the future. Think about installing energy-saving lights, insulated windows, or even solar panels that will continue to pay dividends for as long as you own the home.

Be open to compromises on non-essentials

In every renovation project, there are some things that are absolutely deal-breakers and you can’t live without them. Figure out what those are, and be willing to settle on everything else. That will help you conserve money for the important items that will make your home feel truly special.

Finding a home that ticks all of your boxes and will appreciate in value with just a few simple updates is a great feeling, and the agents at the Parker Group are ready to help you discover it. Our team members draw on their in-depth knowledge of the Greenville area real estate market in order to make our clients’ dreams into reality. We want to help you find the right home for your current needs that will also offer a high resale value. Contact us today so that we can help you find your next home that you can customize to your needs and desires.

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