Thinking of Selling Your Home? 10 Helpful Tips

1. Let go!

  • The sooner you accept the fact that the home will no longer be yours the better.
  • Think of your home as a “product” to be sold like any other product you see on the store shelves.
  • Say your goodbye’s to the house before selling and begin to mentally move on.

2. De-Personalize

  • All the wonderful family pictures that made your home, “home”, are now a distraction to the potential buyers.
  • You should make it as easy as possible for buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.  The last thing you want is for them to think more about what type person you are, rather than how much they love the home.

3. De-Clutter

  • You probably don’t even realize it, but your home is CLUTTERED!  If you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it.
  • All countertops should be cleared, with only the bare essentials remaining.
  • Bookshelves should be emptied or substantially organized.
  • Pack all odds and ends.
  • This process is a great head start on the packing process!

4. Organize Bedroom Closets and Kitchen Cabinets

  • You can rest assured that buyers will be looking through your closets and cabinets.  WHAT THEY SAY: “I need to see if there is enough storage space”.  WHAT THEY MEAN: “I want to make sure these people were neat, organized and took care of the house!”
  • Organize your closet by: Hang like clothes with like clothes; ex. shirts together, buttoned, and facing the same direction.  Line up your shoes!
  • Organize your kitchen cabinets: Neatly stack dishes, turn coffee cup handles the same way, purchase a spice rack organizer (if you don’t already use one).

5. Rent a Storage Unit

  • Get rid of some extra furniture pieces.  Less is usually more, when it comes to furniture in a home for sale.
  • Take the extra leaves out of your dining room table to make the room look larger.
  • Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase its purpose.


6. Remove/Replace Fixtures That Will Not Stay

  • Any fixture that you know will not stay should be removed prior to putting your home on the market.
  • You don’t want to lose a deal over an argument about the drapes you are taking.

7. Make Minor Repairs

  • It is simple, cheap and could make a huge difference!  Get a good friend or your realtor to give the house a pre-listing inspection and make a list of any small items that can be easily repaired.  You shouldn’t try to do this yourself, because you can’t be trusted to see the defects that everyone else will!
  • Buyer’s are picky and will let the minor defects deter them from pursuing your home.

8. Give Your Home a Long Needed Bath

  • Windows should be cleaned inside and out
  • Pressure wash sidewalks/siding/roof as needed
  • Clean and re-caulk your shower.  No one wants to shower in someone else’s mildew!
  • Clean the refrigerator.  Yes, it is time to get rid of the “stuff” that has been in the freezer for the last 5 years!
  • Dust your home
  • Give your wood floors a new shine
  • Vacuum frequently!
  • Take care of any room with an odor.  This is a MUST!  Pay special attention to finished basements and bathrooms with inadequate ventilation.

9. Be a Critic

  • This can be done by someone other than you.
  • Once you believe the home is ready to list, schedule your chosen critic to come over and give you a head to toe assessment.  It is very important that the critic you choose is not afraid to tell you the ugly truth!

10. Curb Appeal is Critical

  • Give your yard a good cleaning and trimming
  • Make sure the grass stays mowed throughout the listing period
  • Flowers are always a nice touch!

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