Tips for a Seamless Home-Selling Experience

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In Downtown Greenville, South Carolina there is currently a strong seller’s market, giving you a great opportunity to sell your home for a great price. Ensure your property appeals to prospective home buyers and receive top dollar by implementing these easy steps before planning for your first open house.

Cut Down on the Clutter

Even the largest of homes can look small and cluttered if you have too much stuff. When selling your home, consider renting out a storage unit that you can use to keep some of your belongings out of sight while prospective buyers tour the space. Specifically, be sure to declutter closets and get rid of any furniture that’s too large for the space. For example, your living room may appear larger and more spacious when you remove the large sectional sofa and leave a couple of small armchairs and a loveseat instead.

Send Pets Away for the Day

As much as you may love your furry friends, not all buyers will feel the same way. To appeal to the largest number of buyers, you shouldn’t even be able to tell that there are pets living in the house. Consider removing litter boxes, dog beds, and other pet supplies from the home—and send your pets to a local boarding facility for the day—when you have home tours set up.

Hire a Professional Stager

Perhaps one of the best investments you can make when selling your home is that of hiring a professional stager. These experts will come into your home and strategically place furniture and decor to maximize the space. This will in turn help potential buyers better envision themselves living in your home, which makes them more likely to make an offer.

Maximize Natural Lighting

The more natural lighting a home has, the better. Natural light is great for creating the illusion of more space while also making your home feel more open and inviting. Before showing your home, be sure to open up all blinds and curtains (you may even want to consider removing heavy drapes from your windows). Also, take the time to clean your windows and trim any shrubs outside that may be blocking light from coming into your home.


Need assistance with selling your home? Contact the professionals at Parker Group today. Our team of agents has extensive residential real estate experience, especially in the area of Downtown Greenville, and can help you get your home sold for a great price.

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