Update Your Extra Room to Increase Home Value

room with chalk board and colorful kids toys

Everyone is looking for ways to add value to their existing home, and one of the best ways to do so is to transform existing rooms you aren’t using. Here are some ways that you can turn your extra room into an important asset for your future. 

Install a closet to add extra value to your home

Installing a closet requires more of an investment in time and money, but it is a surefire way to add significant value to your home. Any room with a closet can be listed as a bedroom in most places, so this could be the step that pushes your home into the next price tier and nets you a great deal when you sell.

Incorporate built-ins to give the room flexibility

If your bonus room currently looks like a blank slate, built-ins are a great way to give the space a sense of focus and add flexibility. A wall of built-ins is the perfect place to house a beloved collection of books—pair it with some comfortable reading furniture and you have the perfect library. Or, you can incorporate a media center and use the space to store movies, music, and video games. When a prospective buyer sees your extra room with built-ins, they will imagine how they could use the space for their preferred activity and see the value in storage they don’t have to add. 

Create a perfect space for a home gym

The costs of a monthly gym membership can quickly mount, and people simply can’t justify paying those prices unless they are fitness fanatics. Many home buyers just want extra space to perform some basic workout routines. By adding some simple pieces such as mats, free weights, a towel rack, and used gym equipment, you can show your open house guests a possible use for the space once you leave. 

Position your bonus room as a kid’s paradise

When parents are shopping for a new home, they’re almost always looking for a place that has a room their kids can call their own. That’s why playrooms are a great way to use your extra room to increase the value of your home. It’s doesn’t have to break the bank, either: grab some functional bins for toy storage and some simple, colorful children’s furniture to transform the room for potential buyers. 

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