Your Dream of Owning a Home Is Closer Than You Think with The American Housing Project

Want to buy a home but don’t have the credit or down payment needed? Are you struggling to get approved? Don’t worry; your dream of homeownership is possible through The Parker Group’s partnership with the American Housing Project.

AHP offers a direct path to owning a home through a totally unique process. You’ve heard of lease-to-own, right? Well, AHP takes it a step further by crediting you funds toward a down payment while helping you build credit so you are financially prepared to purchase the house in a few years. You choose the lease terms and you pay us whatever the house is worth at the time you choose to buy it!

How it Works

  1. After an initial consultation, AHP will confirm your background, credit, and work history to qualify you for a home purchase
  2. We’ll work together to set a purchase price and monthly payment budget that will allow you to live comfortably in your future home
  3. You pick the homes that meet your criteria and we’ll help you find the perfect fit
  4. We buy the home for you and lease it to you with the exclusive option to buy
  5. Once the purchase is finalized, you move in, start paying “rent,” and start building savings and equity right away
  6. When you’re ready to buy the home, AHP will credit back 10% of your monthly “rent” to help subsidize your down payment!

Want to learn more about The American Housing Project or get started toward finding your new home?