The Commons Business Spotlight: Methodical Coffee

interior of methodical coffee shop

Greenville, SC is ranked the “No. 5 Best Small City in the United States” in the 2021 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. The city-feel with small business pride makes it a great place to live or start a business. Methodical Coffee is a successful, trendy, and well-loved coffee shop, kitchen, training lab, and roastery in Parker Group’s commercial space, The Commons.

The People Behind Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee grew out of the passions of its three owners — David Baker, Will Shurtz, and Marco Suarez — whose complementary skill set has made the coffee shop a standout even in a growing landscape of coffee houses. Their first location opened on February 11, 2015. Almost seven years later, the small business has opened an additional two locations in Greenville, SC.

The team believes that any successful business is built on three pillars: exceptional product, customer service, and experience. As Head of Operation, David Baker ensures the business runs smoothly day-in, day-out. Will Shurtz, the Head of Coffee, works to provide the most delicious and tasty brews for all of their customers.

He described their mission: “We want to focus on understanding every bit of the process of this part of the industry, treating it with respect, diving into the community, and putting out coffee and cold brew that will really contribute to putting the south on the map in the coffee world.”

The Head of Customer Experience, Marco Suarez, ties together all the loose ends to make the Methodical experience a warm and welcoming one. The entire team genuinely cares about every coffee lover who steps foot in their cafe. That is just one of the reasons why this place stands out from other Greenville coffee shops.

The Space Behind Methodical Coffee

Methodical Coffee is located in Parker Group’s commercial space, The Commons. The Commons was designed to create a “pedestrian and family-friendly gathering space” where the energy of downtown meets the enjoyment of relaxed entertainment. It all started when three friends shared an idea to create a place where Greenville families could gather and enjoy healthy pursuits.

Our 12,000 square-foot vibrant food hall is home to open dining, outdoor seating, inviting green space, and direct access to one of Greenville’s greatest natural resources -The Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Methodical Coffee shop contributes to the homey atmosphere of The Commons with its warm whiff of roasted coffee beans and a pleasing aesthetic charm.

The Products Behind Methodical Coffee

Methodical is proud to have been named one of the top coffee shops in the country by Food & Wine magazine. From classic roasted coffee beans to cold brew and espresso, all craft creations are brewed with admiration for their customers who love their taste. To keep customers talking, the Methodical team releases new coffees every week and also collaborates on new flavors with other local businesses.

When you visit the cafe try the signature coffee sweetened with condensed milk and topped with a layer of frothy milk sourced from local dairy farmers.

Methodical offers several different types of coffee, each with its own unique flavor. Their whole bean coffee comes in three varieties for different taste buds. The Classic version is full-bodied and nutty whereas the Contemporary style is medium-bodied and fruity and the Avant-Garde is light-bodied and citrusy.

Their Reserve Coffee collection is sourced from producers who are doing experimental and forward-thinking things with coffee. They also offer steeped coffee which are single-serve coffee bags that work just like teabags.

Methodical Coffee really has a flavor for everyone. Give them a try next time you visit The Commons in Downtown Greenville.

The Do-Good Behind Methodical Coffee

Methodical is committed to giving back to the community through donations to nonprofits. We encourage nonprofit organizations to email with information about important new causes or events that Methodical can contribute to.

The team at Methodical supports small businesses just like theirs. They are dedicated to sharing their network with small businesses who deserve the spotlight. Methodical holds public cuppings and classes regularly, along with pop-ups and collaborations with nearby businesses.

As the leaders in Greenville real estate, Parker Group knows the downtown area best. We love our city and all of the small businesses that make it a fun, vibrant, and lively place to call home. Contact Parker Group for more information about living in Greenville, South Carolina.

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